About Us


ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS was founded in 2008. Sophistically crafted, it has established itself as a niche French perfume house.

Kirsten Ankerso’s biography has been essential for building the brand ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS. An authentically internationally personality: of Danish origin, brought up in various countries in the world ( Asia / Pacific, UK, USA ).The character of her international living story, stimulated by music and her passion for beauty and art, the founder transformed her dreams and memories into fine fragrances. Inspired by her granddaughter’s beauty and grace, she named the brand after them, Isabelle and Ariana.

Kirsten Ankerso is renowned for her niche perfume collection. For almost a decade, she has been combining the most precious and rare scents with innovative design concepts resulting in the epitome of luxury for a discerning clientele. Her talent and passion for perfume was already evident, when she chose Chemistry as her University’s major and later on began to study the perfumery, attending several training courses in the fragrance creation, cosmetic formulation and natural ingredients.


ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS strongly believes in entrepreneurship and integrity. Their core values are commitments and personal contact with its customers, and to exceed their expectations.

The company aspires to be recognized for its strong commitments to the environment. The choices they make and actions they take are reflections of their core values and to become what ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS is today.

ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS – facing the future

“Thanks to its diversity and culture and collaboration with a well-known British artist and Dr. in ceramics, ISABELLE ARIANA attains unique position to successfully enter the International Luxury market by adding unique hand crafted Fine Bone China 24 karat gold perfume bottles in limited edition, to be perceived as exclusive and prestigious.”