Golden Oud

An oriental, spicy, woody note with Indonesian oud - Pure Perfume Oil

Golden Oud opens with a cocktail of spices which support the virility of this fragrance. Black pepper for the vibrancy side combines with the brightness of Saffron and the Nutmeg warmth. The heart unveils Orange flower and Patchouli before closing with Oud. It’s the seductive side of the perfume which is illustrated: intense and sensual. In the dry down, Tonka beans and Vanilla are interlaced with leather ambary notes. Golden Oud is an addictive perfume

The King - 24 karat Gold bottle, handcrafted with fine bone china dauber.

We are presenting in our unique and highly ornamental display of floral-and-leafs pattern perfume bottle which echoes the mysterious and most exquisite pure perfume oil unleashed, when a drop of the perfume is discreetly applied with a hand crafted fine bone china dauber. The fine bone china bottles are crowned with unique stopper “King” finished with the Crown. The bottle and stopper are hand crafted, and embellished with 24 karat gold by crafts men with years of experience in the heart of Staffordshire, England. They are made in limited numbers, and each represents its own unique value. These unique perfume bottles in a beautiful black lacquered wooden box with inlayed gold and dark purple satin are collectors pieces, which will be treasured forever and enhance in value. A true centre piece in your vanity. A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

Volume:100 ml / 3.4 FL.OZShop Now

Top :
Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom Cumin, Cloves, Tangerine, Saffron, Nutmeg

Heart :
Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Patchouli Oud ( Indonesia )

Base :
Tonka, Bean, Vanilla, Leather