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Isabelle Ariana Parfums was introduced at the Elements by its CEO, Kirsten Ankerso. The new perfume brand debuted in 2009 with its Ombre Coquine perfume. The name of the brand is made of the names of the founder's beloved granddaughters: Isabelle and Ariana. Isabelle Ariana Parfums were inspired by classic French perfumery from Grasse, as we read in the press information. They are indeed classically blended with a sharp eye on the quality of ingredients and the beauty of the compositions, but I would also stress their oriental character. It is no surprise that they have been contacted for distribution in Arabian countries. Isabelle Ariana Parfums have introduced a winning combination of French gloss on the Oriental subject. It is not a new idea, but the quality of the details, the artistry and the passion of the founder have made the brand successful. Kirsten told me that the logo was chosen by her among her husband's old ceramic artworks. The beautiful caps-testers were also made of ceramic with a gold (24 carat) logo on them. The flacons were also custom made to reflect the chicness and ambition of the brand. They are made of heavy glass, and very atractive to view from every angle. Together with the first scent, Ombre Coquine, Isabelle Ariana introduced six more perfumes: Magic Amber, Mystic Wood, Rose Sultane, Ombre Sublime, Reine de Saba and Oriental Blossom. All fragrances are available in 50 and 100 ml (EDT or EDP).

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